Amelia Bowman is a Norfolk-based artist who creates intaglio collagraph prints and hand-drawn, digitally coloured pattern designs.

'I learnt collagraphy almost by accident while working in secondary art education in 2006. I watched as students were shown a smattering of techniques by a guest tutor and was intrigued. Given that a collagraph plate can be made with relatively unremarkable materials I thought I’d go down that route although I didn’t have access to a press which presented an obvious problem. My solution was to convert a somewhat decrepit mangle but it was a solution that has endured to this day!

In those days I was regularly to be found sketching on the Suffolk coast and began to covert my coastal sketches into collagraph plates. The coast is in my blood with a Cornish Father and so such inspiration was easy to take. My Mother is an artist as was my Grandmother and Great Grandmother so I doubt I could have escaped a creative career if I had tried but of all my creative endeavours, it is printmaking that has stuck.

A country girl at heart I have returned to my roots taking much of my current inspiration from all things rural fed by a blissful upbringing in character properties surrounded by tranquil, beautiful nature.'

Amelia’s designs have also been licensed by several companies for use on their product ranges. If you have any enquiries relating to further licensing agreements please contact Amelia’s agent, Jehane Ltd via

Amelia is also available for collagraph printmaking workshops and demonstrations. Please email for details.

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Mini Print Studio by Amelia Bowman gives you access to free printmaking workshops for your little (or not so little) ones using only things you probably have lying around the house!

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